Hybrid Verification of A Deepwater Cell-Truss Spar

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1State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering,Shanghai Jiao Tong University

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Hybrid model testing technique is widely used in verification of a deepwater floating structure and its mooring system,but the design of the truncated mooring systems which can reproduce both static and dynamic response same as the full-depth mooring system is still a big challenge,especially for the mooring systems with large truncation.A Cell-Truss Spar operated in 1500 m water depth is verified in a wave basin with 4 m water depth.A large truncation factor arises even though a small model scale 1:100 is adopted.Computer program modules for analyzing the static and frequency domain dynamic response of mooring line are combined with multi-objective genetic algorithm NSGA-II to optimize the truncated mooring system.Considering the asymmetry of layout of mooring lines,two different truncated mooring systems are respectively designed for both directions in which the restoring forces of the mooring system are quite different.Not only the static characteristics of the mooring systems are calibrated,but also the dynamic responses of the single truncated mooring line are evaluated through time domain numerical simulation and model tests.The model test results of 100-year storm in the GOM are reconstructed and extrapolated to a full depth.It is found that the experimental and numerical results of Spar wave frequency motion agree well,and the dynamic responses of the full-depth mooring lines are better reproduced,but the low frequency surge motion is overestimated due to the smaller mooring-induced damping.It is a feasible method adopting different truncated mooring systems for different directions in which the restoring force characteristics are quite different and cannot be simulated by one truncated mooring system.Hybrid verification of a deepwater platform in wave basin with shallow water depth is still feasible if the truncated mooring systems are properly designed,and numerical extrapolation is necessary.

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