Evolution of Interface Soliton over Topography

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1College of Physical and Environmental Oceanography Ocean University of China,Department of Atmospheric,Oceanic and Space Sciences,University of Michigan,Ann Abor,Qingdao Branch of The Naval Aeronautical Engineering Academy,,Qingdao 266100,Chinab,MI 48109-2143,USA,200000,China

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Several ray-type 1D and 2D KdV equations for two-layer stratified ocean with topographic effect are derived in detail in the present study.A simplified version of these equations,ray type 1D KdV equation,is used to calculate numerically the disintegration of initial interface soliton from the deep sea to the continental shelf.At the same time,a laboratory experiment is carried out in a 2D stratified flow and internal wave tank to examine the numerical results.A comparison of the numerical results with the experimental results shows that they are in good agreement.The numerical results also show that the ray-type KdV equation has high accuracy in describing the evolution of initial interface waves in shelf/slope regions.Form these results,it can be concluded that the fission process is a dominant generating mechanism of interface soliton packets on the continental shelf.

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